About Us

What we stand for

Our Mission

Bonsai Disc Dyes serves not only as a way to provide people with beautiful discs for their bag but also as a way to grow and promote the sport. We also hope to be able to give back to the disc golf community and to provide disc golf and disc dyeing education. The lessons we learn along the way are useful not only to ourselves but also so that others may learn from both our mistakes and our successes.

How did we get here?

Love at First Dye

I really discovered the world of disc golf in summer of 2022. At first I only knew about Innova since that's all the local Dick's Sporting Goods carried. But as I branched out further into the disc golf world, learning about other brands, other discs, YouTube content creators, etc, I stumbled upon disc dyeing. I've always pursued creative hobbies my whole life and enjoyed and had previously pursued entreprenuership. Disc dyeing just happened to be the perfect intersection of those two things.

Bonsai Disc Dyes was started as a way for me to share my fascination with this hobby with the rest of the community. Close to 100 dyes later I'm still continuing to find new techniques to try and find ways to improve my current processes. The journey has just begun!

Meet Your Artist

Kyle Chiu

Ever since I grabbed an Innova starter pack and headed to the course, I couldn't stop obsessing over disc golf. Whether it was watching disc golf, playing disc golf, or buying discs, I was hooked from the start.

Outside of disc golf I enjoy playing video games, watching tv, anime, and movies, and spending time with friends and family.

I've always enjoyed being creative and being entreprenurial, so starting Bonsai Disc Dyes was a no brainer.